Apply For Kentucky TANF Benefits

Learn how to apply for Kentucky TANF. The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, called Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program (KTAP), may help you become self-supportive while receiving monthly cash benefits to meet your everyday needs such as rent, utilities, clothes, transportation, or additional expenses.

Sometimes you may not be eligible to receive TANF for yourself, but a child or children in your household may. The TANF program is administered by the Kentucky Department for Community Based Services. In most cases, in order to qualify for TANF you must meet both types of eligibility, categorical and financial.

Additionally, to qualify for TANF there are work requirements. The KY TANF program requires most adults be employed or participate in certain work-related activities, which you will be assigned for a certain number of hours on a weekly basis in order to continue receiving TANF benefits.

The total number of hours needed to fulfill your work activity requirement depends on your family composition. Qualified state residents are required to produce information including household income, age, citizenship and resources.

Only household members who are eligible for Kentucky TANF can receive welfare benefits. For more information about applying for KY TANF benefits, view the information below. If you still have questions or issues, then contact TANF Kentucky.

KTAP provides financial and medical assistance to needy dependent children in Kentucky and the parents, or relatives, with whom the children are living. KTAP also helps families find jobs or get training that leads to a job.

A family can only get KTAP for 60-months in a lifetime. Each month a family gets KTAP counts toward the 60-month limit. A family does not have to get KTAP for 60-months straight. For example, a family can get KTAP for 24-months and stop. Later, the family can get 36-more months.

KTAP payments to families are based on family size and income. In addition to the monetary grant, KTAP recipients may also be eligible for supportive services such as childcare and transportation assistance through the Kentucky Works program. Relocation Assistance is also available to qualified KTAP recipients, as are the educational bonus, work incentive bonus, and Employment Retention Assistance.

Kentucky TANF requirements

To qualify for the Kentucky TANF program, you must be:

  • A resident of the state of Kentucky
  • A US citizen or qualified alien
  • Unemployed or under employed (working for very low wages)
  • A parent/relative caregiver who is responsible for children up to the age of 18 (or 19 years old if meeting the school attendance requirement), and
  • Have low or very low income

Apply for Kentucky TANF

A family may apply for KTAP and other assistance at the local Community Based Services offices in the county where the family lives. For additional information about KTAP, contact your local Department for Community Based Services office. You can download a copy of the TANF application, complete the form and submit it to the office in your county.

What happens when a KTAP person goes to work?
  • The KTAP check does not always stop. The earnings may not be counted for two months
  • When the earnings are counted in the KTAP case, certain deductions are allowed
  • A family member may also get help with things needed in order to keep working
What happens if KTAP is discontinued due to work?
  • The family may still get some help such as Medicaid or food stamp benefits
  • The family may get Work Incentive reimbursements for up to nine months
  • Child care assistance may be received as long as the family meets the guidelines for the Child Care Assistance Program

TANF income and resource limits

Family Members Monthly Gross Income Limits Maximum Payment Amounts
1 $742 $186
2 $851 $225
3 $974 $262
4 $1,096 $328
5 $1,218 $383
6 $1,340 $432
7 $1,462 $482
I was denied TANF benefits. What can I do?

State and local agencies are responsible for establishing the eligibility criteria and procedures that apply in their programs, not the Federal government. If you disagree with a decision regarding welfare benefits, you have the right to file an appeal. For more information about your state's appeals procedures, contact the KY TANF office.