Apply For Oklahoma TANF Benefits

Learn how to apply for Oklahoma TANF. The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, called Oklahoma Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, may help you become self-supportive while receiving monthly cash benefits to meet your everyday needs such as rent, utilities, clothes, transportation, or additional expenses.

Sometimes you may not be eligible to receive TANF for yourself, but a child or children in your household may. The TANF program is administered by the Department of Human Services. In most cases, in order to qualify for TANF you must meet both types of eligibility, categorical and financial.

Additionally, to qualify for TANF there are work requirements. The OK TANF program requires most adults be employed or participate in certain work-related activities, which you will be assigned for a certain number of hours on a weekly basis in order to continue receiving TANF benefits.

The total number of hours needed to fulfill your work activity requirement depends on your family composition. Qualified state residents are required to produce information including household income, age, citizenship and resources.

Only household members who are eligible for Oklahoma TANF can receive welfare benefits. For more information about applying for OK TANF benefits, view the information below. If you still have questions or issues, then contact TANF Oklahoma.

Oklahoma cash assistance is available to families on a time-limited basis through TANF. The purpose of this federal program is to provide temporary support in meeting basic needs, training leading to employment, employment services and childcare assistance for qualified families with children.

Oklahoma TANF eligibility

To be considered eligible for cash assistance, you must meet the following basic requirements:

  • US Citizen or Legal Alien
  • Have responsibility for a minor child living in the home
  • Meet Income Standards
  • Social Security Number for all members included in TANF Benefit
  • Agree to cooperate with Child Support services
  • Agree to cooperate with a personalized TANF Work Plan which enhances your ability to get/maintain employment

Documents needed when applying for TANF

When applying for Oklahoma TANF benefits, you may have to do an interview. Below is a list of documents you would need to bring with you.

  • Proof of identity, such as driver license or school identification
  • Social Security number or card for everyone who wants benefits
  • Proof of citizenship for everyone who wants benefits
  • Proof of legal status for anyone who is not a US citizen and wants benefits
  • Proof of income for everyone living with you, such as pay stubs or award letters
  • Proof of all resources, such as bank accounts, car titles, or land and
  • Proof of your need for child care, such as your work or school schedule, and the name of the place you want to use to care for your child

You may be asked to give more information after your interview. You have the right to refuse to give any or all information. However, if you don't give us the information they need, they may not be able to help you.

Oklahoma TANF income eligibility

To be eligible for the OK TANF program, families must meet both gross and net income tests. The monthly maximum TANF gross income for eligibility is $1,193 for a family of 3. If a family does meet the gross income test, then they may choose to not count some income towards the TANF net income test.

This will increase the number of eligible family members and increase the amount of money you can receive in the cash assistance program. The most important one to not count encourages the adult to work. This is done by subtracting a part of earnings from gross income to determine whether a family is eligible and the amount of its cash benefits. Oklahoma disregards the first $240 and 50% of remaining monthly earned income.

TANF asset limits

The asset limit for the Oklahoma TANF program is $1,000. The state also has a vehicle exemption which is set at $5,000, based on the equity value with no special stipulations. Oklahoma's asset limit is established in their state statute. Oklahoma does not have asset limits on its Medicaid or SNAP programs.

Apply for Oklahoma TANF

You can apply for TANF in person at your local DHS Human Services Center. To download a copy of the TANF application, click here. You can also request a copy at the office you are applying at. To find a location, view a list of DHS Human Service Centers near you.

I was denied TANF benefits. What can I do?

State and local agencies are responsible for establishing the eligibility criteria and procedures that apply in their programs, not the Federal government. If you disagree with a decision regarding welfare benefits, you have the right to file an appeal. For more information about your state's appeals procedures, contact the OK TANF office.