Apply For West Virginia TANF Benefits

Learn how to apply for West Virginia TANF. The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, called West Virginia WORKS, may help you become self-supportive while receiving monthly cash benefits to meet your everyday needs such as rent, utilities, clothes, transportation, or additional expenses.

Sometimes you may not be eligible to receive TANF for yourself, but a child or children in your household may. The TANF program is administered by the Department of Health and Human Resources. In most cases, in order to qualify for TANF you must meet both types of eligibility, categorical and financial.

Additionally, to qualify for TANF there are work requirements. The WV TANF program requires most adults be employed or participate in certain work-related activities, which you will be assigned for a certain number of hours on a weekly basis in order to continue receiving TANF benefits.

The total number of hours needed to fulfill your work activity requirement depends on your family composition. Qualified state residents are required to produce information including household income, age, citizenship and resources.

Only household members who are eligible for West Virginia TANF can receive welfare benefits. For more information about applying for WV TANF benefits, view the information below. If you still have questions or issues, then contact TANF West Virginia.

WV WORKS provides monthly cash assistance to eligible families. Most people who receive a monthly WV WORKS check also receive SNAP and Medicaid, but these are not guaranteed based just on receipt of a check.

West Virginia TANF eligibility

There are 2 steps you need to take to see if you are eligible for the WV TANF program:

Step 1: Gross Income Test

The family's gross income must be below an amount that varies by family size. If this income test is passed, certain other deductions are applied to the income to determine the amount of the benefit. These are:

  • 40% of earned income
  • Child care expenses and
  • A portion of redirected child support

There is one incentive payment paid monthly based on case circumstances, a child support incentive/pass-through payment when child support is redirected to the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement.

Step 2: WV WORKS requirements

In addition to financial eligibility, the client is required to complete an orientation to WV WORKS that may be done in a group or individually. Applicants are required to attend orientation to learn about available activities and services and for an explanation of the 60-month lifetime limit for receipt of benefits.

In addition, each adult or emancipated minor is required to negotiate a personal responsibility contract. This contract is an agreement between the applicant and DHHR which identifies goals, objectives and actions that must be taken in order to become self-sufficient.

The personal responsibility contract may be renegotiated at any time; it is an ever-changing document. Within the first 45 days a home visit will be completed by the WV WORKS Case Manager.

Apply for West Virginia TANF

You can apply for TANF online by going to Or you can apply in-person by downloading a copy of the TANF application and submit it to your local Department of Health & Human Resources (DHHR) office. To find a location, view a list of DHHR offices near you. They can also help you with any additional questions or issues you may have about the West Virginia TANF application process.

I was denied TANF benefits. What can I do?

State and local agencies are responsible for establishing the eligibility criteria and procedures that apply in their programs, not the Federal government. If you disagree with a decision regarding welfare benefits, you have the right to file an appeal. For more information about your state's appeals procedures, contact the WV TANF office.