About TANFBenefits.com

This website provides information about the TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) program in each state. The TANF program provides cash assistance for individuals and families in need, with the goal to make them self-sufficient and getting off welfare through work requirements.

If you need to know how to apply for TANF benefits in your state, find out what state TANF department administrates the program, or you need to contact a welfare office near you for questions or issues about TANF, then this site is the right place to be.

Contacting us at TANFBenefits.com

This website, TANFBenefits.com, is not an official government website. We cannot help you with applying for TANF or anything else about the program. If you need assistance with that, we recommend you contact your local TANF office.

However, if you see incorrect information, or information you feel needs to be added to the site, or if you found a broken link, then please use the "Contact Us Form" below. We appreciate your help in keeping this site up to date and correct with the latest information.